Freedom from Taboo – How to Coax Your Partner to Reveal Their Most Intimate Wishes

Do you know what your partner really fantasises about in bed? Regardless of whether a couple has been together for a few months or decades, many still have secret wishes their partners know nothing about. Raspberry helps you tease out even the friskiest of fantasies!

Stemming from the bedrooms of regular Estonians, the erotic card game Spark in the Dark has already livened up the intimate lives of thousands of Estonians in its first year of existence, helping even the most modest couples test their limits. This is the ideal combination of excitement, fun, anticipation and fantasies.



Spark in the Dark is a fun, sexy and easy way to open up and find out about your lover’s most intimate thoughts and fantasies. Almost every one of us has their own taboos and opening up to your partner is not easy. Let’s approach these topics in a playful way.

You can create the perfect environment for playing yourself. At home, in a hotel room or on an empty beach with wine and snacks, with no kids or pets, with music and candles...

When playing for the first time, use the action cards in the game without reading them before. It creates excitement, tests your limits, ignites flames and during the game, you will find out what type of activities you would like to use to fill in your fantasy cards. The short set time for each activity allows you to also write down those fantasies you haven’t dared to try before.

The pack of cards with different sexual positions also gives you the opportunity to simply enjoy each other in different ways. You can continually update Spark in the Dark with the fantasy cards and by adding different toys or preparing your favourite roleplay.

Be open, playful and caring and be considerate of your partner at all times to make sure you have a playmate who will look forward to your next passionate game session with a sparkle in their eyes.

WHO’D LIKE SOME Spark in the Dark?

Spark in the Dark should find its way into every couple’s bedroom – both straight and same-sex couples, those who have freshly fallen in love and those who have been together for a while. You will still find joy in exploring each other and spending time together. The perfect gift for Valentine’s day, a birthday, a wedding or other celebrations. And don’t forget, you yourself deserve the best gift!

The game can be comfortably bought from the Passiongames webpage where other couples have also shared their experiences with the game. You can also find the game in different book, erotic, lingerie and gift shops.

To pleasure and the joy of exploration!

Source: Postimees

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