How to ignite flames in a long-term relationship?

Almost all relationships are passionate in the beginning, but at some point you reach a point that can be described as switching to autopilot. You know everything about your partner and your family life is also routine – kids, work, chores, dogs, cats, loans and what not, all of them taking up your attention. No surprise, then, that your romantic relationship gets left behind in the shadow of all this. But this is definitely not sustainable for the relationship. What can you do to keep the flame in a long-term relationship? 

The comfort zone and autopilot – together for 5 years

The most complicated years in a relationship usually start at around three to five years after first meeting. That is because sooner or later people tend to start taking each other for granted. There is nothing wrong with having a sense of security develop in a relationship, knowing each other well and not feeling any torturing jealousy, but things get dangerous when you start avoiding each other’s closeness and blocking touches from the other side. Romance is forgotten about completely. These are also the years when third parties who really shouldn’t be there become a part of relationships.

Cheating definitely won’t help the situation at home. That is not the solution! The solution is noticing each other and recognising the point you have reached in the relationship, where you need to try harder than ever before to keep it together. There is still lots to discover and even just a monthly outing, a romantic evening with candles and good food, can do miracles. You shouldn’t wait for your partner to take initiative and start everything and then be upset with them for not already having a plan or noticing you. Notice yourself!

What should you do when a man only sees a mother in his wife or a woman only a father in her husband?

Contentment in a relationship begins with open communication and understanding together that it’s time for a change. You also have to listen to your heart and understand first what you expect and desire from your partner and what is necessary for the relationship to work. After that you need to openly tell each other about these things.

You should also talk openly about your expectations in bed to reignite passion in the bedroom. To help with that, you can pick up a great Estonian 18+ passion game called Spark in the Dark. The game has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months, especially among middle aged couples who are finding each other again.

The game creates fertile ground for rediscovering a relationship and spicing it up, at the same time offering excitement, love, care, discovery and even laughter.

The game consists of cards with enticing tasks, but the set also includes empty fantasy cards that each couple can fill in themselves by writing down their desires – what one wishes to do to the other and what they wish for in return. Through that you can express your desires, which often aren’t spoken about out loud – through the game, you can make all your most secret dreams come true. With this game, you can give your partner exactly what they want. This game helps you discover each other’s preferences.

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