Estonian origin 18+ passion game 'Vaarikas' (Spark in the Dark) gathers popularity at light speed.

At the beginning of this year (2021), just before Valentine's Day, the Estonian market was introduced to a new, passionate, and adventurous 18+ card game that has become an overnight hit. By this moment, “Spark in the Dark” has already taken its place in over 800 bedrooms all over this tiny North European country. How was this game, that creates a favourable ground to rediscover and spice a relationship, that can simultaneously provide excitement, love, care, discovery, and fun, born?

One of the authors of the Passiongames brand and the game itself, Miina Kallikorm, says that it took only barely 5 months from the idea to the first physical products, and that it is a game that perhaps should never have escaped the bedroom of Miina and her companion, Priit Poršnev. But her girlfriends, to whom Miina secretly confided of her partner’s created passion game, thought the game deserved to be shared with everyone. This is because couples who have been together for a long time often move away from each other and cannot find a way back to the passion, playfulness and tenderness that once brought them together

Miina, too, has been with her partner for 8 years. “We have never got bored in the bedroom yet, but as prior to the produced game we just had used our own cards, and played the game about 4 or 5 times, we realised that the game somehow gave the relationship a special spice. During this game, your devotion lies only with each other, and does so for hours in a row. You have to experience it by yourself, it's hard to convey with words how this game helps to discover and get closer to each other,“ explains Miina, who says that she has started to communicate with her fiancé much more openly thanks to this game. This has contributed to better knowing each other's preferences and being able to offer each other exactly according to the expectations, including the most secret ones.

“May I turn this game into a real product?”

It was a question posed by Miina to his partner on a fine day in September, when the couple drove to their countryside home. Priit, who had brought this game to life with his beloved Miina in mind, agreed. “He said he wasn’t against it, and so I started to look for a designer to draw game cards and other designs,” recalls Miina, who said after that everything evolved in high speed.

As of today, “Spark in the Dark” has landed in a box and can be found on Passiongames webshop.

Miina says that they are surprised by the extremely warm welcome for the game, which meant the first batch was sold at a much faster pace than expected. Orders came from Estonia as well as Finland, Germany, France, and Spain. “It makes us happy. This kind of reception made us see a bigger picture and think about how to make the game even better. The work in that direction is ongoing,“ says Miina, adding in a jolly way that the “work meetings” they've had with him now are very nice, different, and full of different experiments. They say that Spark in the Dark will not be the only game invented by this creative couple. New ideas will soon find their manifestation. 

But for those who have been in a loving relationship for some time already and feel they need more quality time to spend with each other or want to get to know their partner's preferences and experience excitement and passion without leaving the home walls, Spark in the Dark is the best companion to achieve the goals. The game is designed to suit in every bedroom regardless of users' preferences. The box contains both pre-filled activity cards and fill-in fantasy cards, on which couples can write their secret wishes, which will then be activities in the game. It is a game that is constantly evolving together with the players, and through which you can learn to know your partner even more in depth.

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Source: Postimees

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