… born of Estonian man's love for his wife

and the desire to experience even more closeness, openness, and spice with your companion after long years together …
To enjoy quality time with each other …
That the thrill should not be sought elsewhere …
To excite the senses with my dear...


The game is designed for 18+ couples to get out of their daily routine, create intimacy and ignite passion.

The game helps couples to:

  • Discover and learn each other’s personal intimate preferences and fantasies
  • Enjoy very special quality time with each other
  • Add spice to the relationship and develop playfulness

What if You spent a common night off with your loved partner a bit differently this time?
Choose a sexy and playful “Spark in the Dark” night instead of going Dinner–Movie–Fun-in-bed again!

“Spark in the Dark” is designed to have many shades

… and create excitement even if you've played it many times.

You can play by fully following the game instruction and use only pre-filled cards – suitable for the first-time players and for couples who tend to be modest in expressing their wishes.

You can create a game based on your own desires and fantasies by using the fill-in Fantasy cards. Mix them with pre-filled Activity cards and get a different and exciting game experience every time.

If you don't have enough time to enjoy the game to its fullest, you can just pull random Play cards from a deck and try different sex poses.

Silky eye mask and natural lubricant massage oil in the box lead your way to playful moments.

“Spark in the Dark” makes relationship more special

With this game you can learn a lot about yourself and convey your wishes and fantasies to your partner.

The special moments that arise through this game of laughter, humour, playfulness, touch, and eye contact, are only for the two of you and this makes butterflies fly in your stomach for the next few days to come.

During the game, you can experience all already known intimate ways, and find new naughty ways to indulge and satisfy your loved one. Your sex life will be spiced up, and the emotional bond will strengthen. You may discover hidden peculiarities of both yourself and your partner.

e creative and resourceful, add role games if you wish, and enjoy every moment. Don't be afraid to be open minded, this game has only winners!

“Spark in the Dark” is a perfect gift for everyone

Looking for a gift for your sweetheart for a special occasion or just as a surprise?

Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Name Day, First Date Anniversary, Marriage Anniversary – there are many days in the year when the flirtatious “Spark in the Dark” could find its way into your relationship.

Need a nice, memorable gift for your friends? Be it a bachelor or bachelorette party, Birthday, Valentine’s Day …. a reason to surprise someone with “Spark in the Dark” is always there.
In fact, there are a lot more reasons to give “Spark in the Dark” as a gift, than we can imagine.

We have received humorous feedback where adult children have surprised their parents with the game and vice versa, and little pranks have also been played among work colleagues.

“Spark in the Dark” suits all couples

Both new lovers and couples together for years and decades…

Both modest couples and those with very bold fantasies…

Both straight and LGBT couples…

Create a pleasant atmosphere, take enough time for playing this game and cherish each other afterwards. Arrange someone to babysit your kids elsewhere. Have a nice snack and drink ready.

Create sensual atmosphere with soft light, candles, and soft music. Prepare a nice “nest” for yourself on the floor with soft pillows and blankets …

Spark in the Dark (VAARIKAS) ON TV

It gets hot and passionate in the studio - we present the new game "Vaarikas" to the world, in Estonian!


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