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The game was really awesome, the time was flying, we only got to sleep after midnight. At some point, the “WAR” became boring, and we were just drawing cards in turns. The timer was very exciting at first, but it also “disappeared” at some point. Some pleasantly spicy activities might otherwise not have been ever tested, for example, binding hands or legs. If we´d only get a babysitter more often, we'd play more.

Kaspar (31)

The Spar in the Dark game is so fierce and so passionate that I was completely addicted to it for a long time. It brought so much spice and passion to our relationship. Really, I'm very excited about this game, now we've played it so much that a little more excitement is gone and the activities may not be as "crazy" as at the beginning, but here's my request, please do another part for this game.

Anonymous (x)

Great job with the Spark in the Dark! My wife and I have played a number of card games, but none of them come close to what you've done, because all the rest are mostly plain “f...k”.
Allan (39)

We have played this game 4 times already.

When we planned to play this for the first time, I had such pleasant tingle all day. We prepared carefully – candles, music, snacks. We had a walk together in the afternoon and then sauna.

The game surfaced pleasant excitement and fun. Trying to stick to the instructions, we found ourselves in a totally different dimension. The reactivity changed ... the excitement and passion that arose … it was powerful.

We also used the fantasy cards we made, and it was a kind of new experience figuring them out, reading them out loud and then acting on them together. The courage and confidence increased, and great new experiences were born. It surely had added satisfaction and joy.

Playing this game means a complete devotion to each other, 100% presence and enjoyment. We've played 2-4 hrs per game and it's always such a special day and night and even the next morning in different.

Miina (38)

Great fun but we found the cards too male oriented, not so much pleasure for women, we thought.

Pille (28)

Since we have just had a baby, there hasn't been much time left for us as a couple. After hearing about this interesting game, it was immediately known that it should be tried. I wanted to surprise the man and bought the game. When I got the game, there was a lot of interest to open the pack and start exploring right away. I could barely hold myself back. But then I started thinking about how to make this day interesting. The child was taken care of and I booked a hotel room myself. The secret letters finally took the man to the hotel room where I was waiting for him in a sexy lingerie with a small bubbling bubble, candles, snacks, nice music and the game. We immediately started palying the game. And it was supper. It's 45 seconds of action and then it's all over. It works. In the end, it's just a mega good explosion. Very good game.

Merit (28)

We've only been able to play the game twice, but it's been utterly exciting. The most interesting thing is to find out what the partner writes on the cards. You can approach sex a little more boldly and openly. Surely, we will play it again and again!

Andra (22)

This game could save my marriage. It's been quite stressful lately, because, well, small children and a support system of 0. There is no one to look after the children. Today I took the kids to the babysitter for 3 hours and we played a game and enjoyed each other. And honestly, life and the relationship seem a lot better right now. We put the game play on the schedule for ourselves. This game also reached us at the right time, and as always, things in life happen at the right time.


My man gave me the game. I'm still very pleasantly surprised by the game, it still invites me to play again (usually with these games, it tends to be that it's exciting once, but I don't mind more) and I just ordered extra cards.

Maris (34)

We've played this game once and used the original Activity cards. Both of us really liked it. We've already created activities for the fantasy cards, so we’ll play very soon again. I really recommend it. At first I was a little afraid of extremes, but there was really no reason.

Kerli (34)

I gave the game to my friend for Valentine's Day. Well, he was pleasantly surprised! A weekend in a hotel. No words! We have now added a massage oil to the game, two longer tying bands, pink cuffs, spray whipped cream and a romantic heart-shaped light string. There actually is one word – SUPER!!!

Anonymous (50)

I want to say that you've come up with a really cool thing – one of the things You must have in the bedroom.

Kenno (38)

The game was very good, brought a bit of spice to the relationship and us even closer. We've played a few times so far, I'm sure there is more to come.

Imbi (34)

When I ordered the game, I hoped for a change to our already colourful and extremely high-quality bed life. Well, what did I get...? A sparkle-eyed playmate with glow on his cheeks for many hours. Although for us there was nothing new about the poses or the activities, the time restrictions, and the attempt to adhere to it added a lot of spice to the game. As a generally bad loser, I must admit that this game has only winners, and the prize is always HUGE. As a side note, I would add that we have been together for 23 years, 14 of which in marriage. High-quality and varied sex is a strong foundation for a working relationship.

Kati  (41)

Excellent experience and it constantly gets an upgrade by adding new fantasy cards. It will never become boring, and the excitement is going to be preserved all the time. Very nice game because the possibilities are limitless. New special things can also be always introduced. Best wishes to the authors who invented the game.

Anonymous (x)

The first time I started to play, there was a great excitement. Having a toddler in the house, coming out of a routine is essential. Inevitably, intimacy has diminished, and most of the evenings are taken over by tiredness. On the nights we decided to play the game, we lit candles, opened sparkling wine, and created a romantic atmosphere in every way. During the game, “tasks” had to be solved, which neither of us had done before. We’d like to bring out a few disadvantages also: Tasks tended to be repeated by their own nature. There could have been some “storytelling” cards in between, which could tighten the bond intimately by using words also. For example, sharing a sexy memory or making a sexy surprise to a the partner next day etc.
Also, the material on the cards could be more slippery. It was difficult to mix them like playing cards.

Otherwise, an awesome idea and a big thank you.

Loore (29)

Our experience was very pleasant. There was already a lot of excitement before the game started. I particularly like the fact that every pleasure in the game has a time limit. It actually lengthens the game and the pleasures. We have used the game many times and will certainly enjoy for a long time.

Anonymous (x)

Very nice game! Good for spicing up the evenings. It's a good idea to take the evening off and plan the time for this game exclusively.

A (32)

Huh, your game always gives me and my friend a sense of anticipation. We've started going to the hotels because then it is even more special.
We've upgraded the game with some spice-adding things, and then packed them all in a nice red velvet pouch that is waiting for us before we start. My friend is particularly fond of the 45-second limit and so am I, of course.
Before we start, we are always excited to see what we have written on fantasy cards, because we change our wishes before each game.
In short, my friend and I are very pleased that I decided to buy your game as a gift for both of us.
Thank you!!!

Katrin (50)

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