EXPERIENCE | How homegrown erotic game Raspberry creates sparks and brings fresh air into a relationship

That’s exactly how the new Estonian game I learnt about from my friend is described. She and her husband have been married for ten years and have a three year old daughter. Although they love and care for each other a lot, passion can be hard to find time for with a small child. Can’t blame them either, daily life takes its toll. Spark in the Dark helped them bring new life into their relationship – saved their marriage, so to speak.

My partner and I (aged 37 and 39) have been together for three years and we too sometimes feel like something is missing. But what? We are happy, everything is good, but things aren’t quite as they used to be... Like when just having him near me made me burn with desire. The feelings have become calmer. Yet sometimes we’d like to feel those same trembles of excitement, the fire that guided us through the beginning of our relationship. I have sometimes brought toys into the bedroom and that has definitely added some spice. Now I felt I’d also like to try this erotic game – and that’s how Spark in the Dark made its way to our home.

The first time I held the game I could already feel a ripple of excitement go through me. The game has a very tasteful package – minimalist, yet sexy black and red tones. When I looked in the box, I found a red erotic eye mask and beneath it a deck of cards in a similar bag. There was also a stopwatch (how exciting!) and a natural massage oil.

Sit facing each other, look into each others eyes for a moment, and then kiss passionately with tongue for several minutes.

The woman has the eye mask on. The man should caress her softly all over her body, first while she’s on her stomach, then on her back, using his fingertips or something else (a feather, a scarf with fringes, etc.). Move sensually when near the intimate areas.

Oomph, already the recommendations at the beginning of the game are hot!

Vaarikas mängukaardid

When my husband got home that night, I introduced the game to him... I can’t say he jumped with joy at the idea. His main question was, what’s the point? But he was still willing to try it. We agreed that the next night we would play the game. The next day.

I was slightly anxious the whole day – like when something big is about to happen. I bought a new sexy set of lingerie, stocked up on some sensual aromatic candles. By the way, I can already tell you, I found out later that my sceptical husband was also rather excited about the evening.

So, we lit the candles, played quiet romantic music and sat in front of each other. We kissed passionately and became acquainted with the instructions on the introductory card. That already got us pretty hot! And the game hadn’t even started yet...

We split the game cards and action cards – my husband got the black ones and I the pink ones. All of the cards were kept upside down, so the other player wouldn’t see them. By the way, some of the action cards are empty, so you can write down your own fantasies. We agreed that we would both fill out two cards (so we would have room for new ideas in the future). What did we write down? Hah, that I can’t tell you. Let’s keep some secrets, too.

With the game cards, you play the classical game where the stronger card wins. I got rid of all my cards first, so I had the chance to pick one action or fantasy card. All of the tasks were pretty naughty, but nothing too bad. Maybe some of them pushed us out of our comfort zone a little more, but that’s one point of the game, right?!

Oh, and during the activities the stopwatch comes to play. It is automatically set to 45 seconds (that’s how long one activity should last), but you can set it on a longer timeframe if you wish.

We decided to stay with the 45 seconds for our first time playing. That way we could try more interesting things.

When the activity was over, we repeated the card game. We were both of course a lot more aroused than during the previous round. Where would the night end?

Our game lasted a bit over two hours and it was one of the most powerful sexual experiences we had had in a while. My husband confirmed this, too, who as you may remember was sceptical at first. Did our relationship get a breath of new life after this? Yes, absolutely! We were both completely present and there for each other, caressing each other, providing pleasure, trying new things. I can’t wait for the next time we play...

Source: Õhtuleht

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